Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today was an okay day... I guess.

So this whole week we have off from school due to thanksgiving. I have been stuck at home with my family for days and I am getting a little irratated. I mean I love them and all but I really can't take being home with them all the time, its totally driving me insane. I am kinda taking it out on my mom, I have been disrespectful to her and I really don't like it. Im not doing it on purpose. I'm just going to try to be careful and pay attention to myself.

Today I also went to go get my hearing aids. They blend in pretty well and they fit comfortably, but everything is so loud or its too quiet when I try fixing the volume on them. I can hear everything now that I couldn't before and its strange, weird. We used my uncles truck and it totally freaked me out because I could hear everything. Totally freaked me out. I am so thankful that I have my mom. She has helped me through this even though I really haven't talked about it, I'm not really sure how I feel about it other than I wanted to hurry up and get it over with. Now that I have them I don't really care. Its like whatever to me. When I talk I can hear myself speak now. And to me I think I sound loud so I try to be quiter but when I was talking to my uncle he said that  I wasn't loud. So I'm going to have to work on that.

Tomorrow I am going to my nana's house for thanksgiving. We will be staying in her RV. Also we will be seeing the Murphy's. So excited. I love that family so much. (:

My brother is also coming home tomorrow. For good I believe. We have to wake up early to go get him and sit through this long meeting. I hate meetings. They are so boring, and long. I miss him and want him to come home at some point but I really don't think that I can put up with him right now. He's super annoying at times, like a normal child, but I am afraid that Patches and him will get each other pissed off and lose it. Something we don't need at the house. She has done good lately so maybe it will be fine. But I will always have my guard up. Listening and paying attention to what is going on.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad you got your hearing aids! I felt the same way when I had eye surgery. I was suddenly able to see colors and textures I never have before. And everything was super-focused. It made me completely dizzy and overwhelmed for awhile, and then it was my new normal. I am sure you will be feeling better soon, too.
    Sorry you're cooped up! Can you go for a walk, or maybe watch a movie to break up the time? How about a corny 80s movie?