Monday, October 31, 2011

This weekend...

So this weekend was alright, I guess. Well Saturday was awesome ! It was my friends birthday, so we had a party and we also went to Netherworld. It was pretty awesome. I didn't want that night to end, I mean yes I was being I guess tortured? But I enjoyed it.

My sister threw a fit and had to call the cops again. Today she went to see her PO and now has 3 charges. She got mad over a picture she had drawn me that I didn't even know was mine. She was told to pick it up by someone who was doing their chore, she got mad and said she didn't need to pick it up because it wasn't hers. She refused to take her meds. and she tried to throw a bucket at my mom while the kids were behind her. She is extremely hard to be around and makes me want to be out of the house all the time. She said i have given up on her but i feel like she has given up on our relationship a long time ago. she doesn't care about me and I strongly believe that. I believe she doesn't really care about anyone but herself. Because if she did care she wont attack them with her fist or her words. She is going to have to work extremely hard before  even consider being around her. She never take responsibility for her actions, she thinks the stupidest scariest things are funny, and they are totally not funny at all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long time no Blog....

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't blogged lately. I really didn't have anything to post other than little high school things. Like my teacher cussing, or how there was this huge fight with this chick and dude. She threw a sprite can at him and hit his mouth and he started bleeding pretty badly. He didn't get in trouble though because the only thing he was doing was blocking her hits. It was horrible though because I was right there next to them and everyone wanted to see and get to the front so I was being pushed closer and closer which freaked me out. 

My ear is looking freaking awesome for those of you who care. I love it and the pain like I said was totally worth it. I am now able to sleep on the right side of my head now because it no longer hurts. Well it hurts right now because over the weekend my brother came for a visit ( he lives in a hospital) and he had accidentally thrown himself against me and it bleed and made a scab. But I totally love it and I am so happy I have it. Everyone at school loves it as well.

So you remember a while back when I had told you about the fake baby project for my early childhood development class? Well today I got my permission slip so we will be signing up very shortly. I am also very excited about that. (: 

I still have not got my hearing aids. But I should get them shortly I believe. Ill be happy when I actually get them and only have a yearly doctor appointment for them .

Also the people that own the house I am living in are trying to sell the house. Mom said they are looking for someone to sell the house to that will still rent to us. I hope this all works out so we don't have to move. I am already not doing good in school so if I have to move that will just be a big stress and take more time from school to catch up with the other school. But I have a feeling everything will be fine and work out just right. If not I will move in with a friend. Haha, yeah like that will ever happen or be a option. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday ! (:

So Saturday I went over to a family friend's house, we hung out for a little, grilled out and then she pierced my industrial. Boy did that hurt. When it was over I didn't believe it. The top part of it hurt so bad I didn't realize that she had already gotten the bottom through too. I had been waiting a long time to get this done and I'm super happy that I finally got it done. I didn't bother to think of the fact that I sleep on the side of my head I got it done. So now I am forcing myself to sleep on the left side which is super hard. I am just SO excited and happy that I have it done. (:

I'm so nervous my four year old sister is going to give me one of those aggressive hugs she gives when she is extremely excited, and he hair get caught on it and I tell her not to pull away and she doesn't listen and she totally pulls away and hurts the crap out of me. I'm so nervous to get it yanked on or touched. This morning I tried to dry my hair and I hit the bar and I almost cried and pasted out. That's how bad it hurt. Speaking of that let me back up a little to something I think was kinda funny when the piercing was going on. I was told to tell her if I started to feel sick to my stomach or like I was about to pass out, and at that point I was already at the point of feeling as if I was about to pass out so I told her I was already there before she had finished the sentence. 
I can't wait to get to school to show it off to all my friends. If anyone tries to touch it they need to think twice other wise they will be dealing with a passed out chick or vomit. One of the two, maybe even both. Who knows? Haha. (:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yesterday's ENT Appointment

So yesterday I went to the ENT. I took the hearing test and the result where basically the same. I believe I heard that I shouldn't lose anymore. Also I had my ear molded. So I am now waiting on the hearing aids to be approved by medicade and within a month I should have my hearing aids.

I am so stressed out I have had migrane for two days. It won't go away no matter how much meds I take. I'm stressed out about school, and the hearing aids. I got a letter in the mail over the weekend saying that I have missed too many classes this semster and that in December I will have to sign up for waiver classes. I'm to happy about that but whatever I have to do to keep from being a freshman again or taking freshman classing again I will do.

I just hope that when I get the hearing aids that I'm not treated diffrently.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


So I am really bad at math. Or so I think I am. I have a hard time understanding some of the stuff I am doing in algebra. Yesterday we learned something new, like everyday. I got what we were suppose to do for homework when I was in  my class, but when I went home I was tatally lost. So I asked my father to help me he didn't understand, so I ask my mom and got the same response from her. So I was totally screwed. It sucks to have parents that don't know what you are doing even when you give them the notes you took. So I called Tanner to get him to help but as I got on the phone with him and tried to explain I told him that I would just bring it to lunch and he would help me then. So that he would be able to see it and know what I was talking about.

So I get to lunch, we eat then I get on with my math hw. I was getting so upset because I didn't get what he was talking about that I almost started crying. The problem is he didn't explain like my teacher did so I remember bits and pieces of what I'm suppose to do but I get stuck at times. Ugh I just hate math.

My sister was good yesterday I think... I can't really remember. But I think yesterday was a good day. So I guess that's all I have to share right, nothing really exciting.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lunch & Sister

So today at lunch I was hanging out with the "crew" in the courtyard. The courtyard is outside of the lunch room and that is were everyone goes after they are done eating. So today there were these girls that came out of the lunch room, (there were like 5 of them) they all walked over to this one girl on the other side of the courtyard. I thought nothing of it, nothing negative or bad was about to happen right? Wrong. They went back into the cafe and started a fight. It didn't get physical but more and more people got involved.

I was hanging out with Tanner, like always. We were talking about this weekend. He invited me to go camping with him. He didn't give me enough information about it so my mom had told me to get more info and we would talk about it. So today he gave me the information. We would be whitewater raffting, and other things but he mostly talked about the raffting. I hope I can go. It seems like fun.

Yesterday we celebrated my little sisters birthday which is actually today. We had chocolate cake with M&M's in it, with sprinkles on it, and cookies and cream ice cream. Yummy ! You would think that a certain someone could hold themselves together for someones special day. Well she didn't think that that would have been the right thing to do. Instead she managed to make a hole in the wall. After she had calmed down and we were ready to talk to her, everyone told her how they felt. So I told her how I felt. That I was tired of her crap and that its extremely hard to be around her. She claimed that she doesn't believe in herself, that she couldn't get any better. We all know that that's a lie. She has in the past gotten so much better. I told her that I feel that lately she doesn't care, that she doesn't want to stop doing what she's doing. She doesn't put any effort into getting better. Mom said that she is going to put her into a hospital for a while. The kind that my brother is in. Over that period of time I think that everything at home will calm down and everthing will be better. It will be a postive thing for both my family and her. It gives her time to be away from us, what she has been chanting she wants, and giving us the space we all need.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yesterday & Today

Sorry I haven't been blogging, I have been having technical difficulties. So I guess I will be stating what has happened in the last 3 or 2 days.

Sunday my nana came to visit. She has been traveling for 3 1/2 months and she has finally come home. We have all missed her so much. I wonder if she knows I blog now? Oh well, I guess we will find out. I forbid her from leaving town like that agian. Lol

Yesterday, Monday. I had to go take a CAT Scan. I got a CD with the result on it but I haven't bothered to look at them. By the way its for my ears. I have taking this nasty liquid type of steroid. Someone had posted that when on steroids you should avoid salty food or it will make you bloat, every since I read that I have been paranoid. But I think my family eats pretty healthy so I have nothing to worry about..

My sister, what do I say about her that isn't off the charts mean? She is making it sooo difficult. Its hard to look at her let alone sit next to her on the couch. Its hard to talk to her, because when I hear her trying to talking to me I instantly become angry and want to her to shut up. Yesterday she came home and was talking to my mom about how she had a good day except for in the afternoon. And she started laughing. She said she almost got suspened from school because of the way she was acting all because of this guy she has a crush on. He says that he is intrested in older girls, and she is younger than him but she claims he never said he didn't like her. So I guess she's an exception? He claims he's in a gang. So he likes to beat up people and all kind of other crap. But she told us that she thinks its cool. Obviously there is something wrong with this. She said that he sleeps all day and never does his work. And that also is extremely cool to her. Why is that every thing she says is cool is extremely dangerous.

We went to the park yesterday and let the kids run around on the hills. After that we had to go grocrey shopping. So we went to Wal-mart and my sister decides to pick at the shelves and bang on everything. I asked her repeatly to stop, that she was getting on my nerves then she comes out saying that my mom whom is minding her own business was getting on her nerves. When we get home mom was ready to cook dinner. The pot we needed to use was dirty so my mom said that she would clean the pot. So she was trying to help my sister right? She completely flips. She starts the name calling and saying all these nasty things about my mom. She ruinned the freedom to have a door. Which makes it really hard for me to sleep. So I didn't get any sleep last night at all. I have a huge headache right now.

I am sitting in my 6th period class right now. I'm switching my screen from this to this current event that I have to summarize. Its for Early Childhood Development class. I can't wait until we sign up for the crying babies. That assignment is going to be so much fun and so easy.