Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yesterday & Today

Sorry I haven't been blogging, I have been having technical difficulties. So I guess I will be stating what has happened in the last 3 or 2 days.

Sunday my nana came to visit. She has been traveling for 3 1/2 months and she has finally come home. We have all missed her so much. I wonder if she knows I blog now? Oh well, I guess we will find out. I forbid her from leaving town like that agian. Lol

Yesterday, Monday. I had to go take a CAT Scan. I got a CD with the result on it but I haven't bothered to look at them. By the way its for my ears. I have taking this nasty liquid type of steroid. Someone had posted that when on steroids you should avoid salty food or it will make you bloat, every since I read that I have been paranoid. But I think my family eats pretty healthy so I have nothing to worry about..

My sister, what do I say about her that isn't off the charts mean? She is making it sooo difficult. Its hard to look at her let alone sit next to her on the couch. Its hard to talk to her, because when I hear her trying to talking to me I instantly become angry and want to her to shut up. Yesterday she came home and was talking to my mom about how she had a good day except for in the afternoon. And she started laughing. She said she almost got suspened from school because of the way she was acting all because of this guy she has a crush on. He says that he is intrested in older girls, and she is younger than him but she claims he never said he didn't like her. So I guess she's an exception? He claims he's in a gang. So he likes to beat up people and all kind of other crap. But she told us that she thinks its cool. Obviously there is something wrong with this. She said that he sleeps all day and never does his work. And that also is extremely cool to her. Why is that every thing she says is cool is extremely dangerous.

We went to the park yesterday and let the kids run around on the hills. After that we had to go grocrey shopping. So we went to Wal-mart and my sister decides to pick at the shelves and bang on everything. I asked her repeatly to stop, that she was getting on my nerves then she comes out saying that my mom whom is minding her own business was getting on her nerves. When we get home mom was ready to cook dinner. The pot we needed to use was dirty so my mom said that she would clean the pot. So she was trying to help my sister right? She completely flips. She starts the name calling and saying all these nasty things about my mom. She ruinned the freedom to have a door. Which makes it really hard for me to sleep. So I didn't get any sleep last night at all. I have a huge headache right now.

I am sitting in my 6th period class right now. I'm switching my screen from this to this current event that I have to summarize. Its for Early Childhood Development class. I can't wait until we sign up for the crying babies. That assignment is going to be so much fun and so easy.


  1. Oh geez, Cyr, first off I'm sorry about making you feel paranoid about sodium! If you are eating healthy, you will be fine. It's junk foods/fast foods that have a ton of sodium in them. If you eat normal food-foods, it won't be a problem! That's all I meant! In fact, if you were going to bloat from the prendisone, it would've happened already. :) Keep up the good work with the healthy eats!

    And I'm sorry about your sister, too. It sounds like a very difficult situation for you. I'm glad you're able to focus on your schoolwork. When do you get to start the baby project in child development class?

  2. Its fine. I was just really paranoid about everything I ate. And my teacher said that we will be signing up for it at the end of this month. She really doesn't know yet so we are just waiting. But everyone is hounding her about it because everyone wants to do it. I hope I'm one of the first to go. Its going to be so much fun.