Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long time no Blog....

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't blogged lately. I really didn't have anything to post other than little high school things. Like my teacher cussing, or how there was this huge fight with this chick and dude. She threw a sprite can at him and hit his mouth and he started bleeding pretty badly. He didn't get in trouble though because the only thing he was doing was blocking her hits. It was horrible though because I was right there next to them and everyone wanted to see and get to the front so I was being pushed closer and closer which freaked me out. 

My ear is looking freaking awesome for those of you who care. I love it and the pain like I said was totally worth it. I am now able to sleep on the right side of my head now because it no longer hurts. Well it hurts right now because over the weekend my brother came for a visit ( he lives in a hospital) and he had accidentally thrown himself against me and it bleed and made a scab. But I totally love it and I am so happy I have it. Everyone at school loves it as well.

So you remember a while back when I had told you about the fake baby project for my early childhood development class? Well today I got my permission slip so we will be signing up very shortly. I am also very excited about that. (: 

I still have not got my hearing aids. But I should get them shortly I believe. Ill be happy when I actually get them and only have a yearly doctor appointment for them .

Also the people that own the house I am living in are trying to sell the house. Mom said they are looking for someone to sell the house to that will still rent to us. I hope this all works out so we don't have to move. I am already not doing good in school so if I have to move that will just be a big stress and take more time from school to catch up with the other school. But I have a feeling everything will be fine and work out just right. If not I will move in with a friend. Haha, yeah like that will ever happen or be a option. 


  1. I'm glad to hear you're doing well! :) Your piercing sounds like it hurt! Owowowow.

  2. It did but it is fine now, unless someone yanks on it or something gets caught to it. /: