Monday, October 31, 2011

This weekend...

So this weekend was alright, I guess. Well Saturday was awesome ! It was my friends birthday, so we had a party and we also went to Netherworld. It was pretty awesome. I didn't want that night to end, I mean yes I was being I guess tortured? But I enjoyed it.

My sister threw a fit and had to call the cops again. Today she went to see her PO and now has 3 charges. She got mad over a picture she had drawn me that I didn't even know was mine. She was told to pick it up by someone who was doing their chore, she got mad and said she didn't need to pick it up because it wasn't hers. She refused to take her meds. and she tried to throw a bucket at my mom while the kids were behind her. She is extremely hard to be around and makes me want to be out of the house all the time. She said i have given up on her but i feel like she has given up on our relationship a long time ago. she doesn't care about me and I strongly believe that. I believe she doesn't really care about anyone but herself. Because if she did care she wont attack them with her fist or her words. She is going to have to work extremely hard before  even consider being around her. She never take responsibility for her actions, she thinks the stupidest scariest things are funny, and they are totally not funny at all.

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