Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lunch & Sister

So today at lunch I was hanging out with the "crew" in the courtyard. The courtyard is outside of the lunch room and that is were everyone goes after they are done eating. So today there were these girls that came out of the lunch room, (there were like 5 of them) they all walked over to this one girl on the other side of the courtyard. I thought nothing of it, nothing negative or bad was about to happen right? Wrong. They went back into the cafe and started a fight. It didn't get physical but more and more people got involved.

I was hanging out with Tanner, like always. We were talking about this weekend. He invited me to go camping with him. He didn't give me enough information about it so my mom had told me to get more info and we would talk about it. So today he gave me the information. We would be whitewater raffting, and other things but he mostly talked about the raffting. I hope I can go. It seems like fun.

Yesterday we celebrated my little sisters birthday which is actually today. We had chocolate cake with M&M's in it, with sprinkles on it, and cookies and cream ice cream. Yummy ! You would think that a certain someone could hold themselves together for someones special day. Well she didn't think that that would have been the right thing to do. Instead she managed to make a hole in the wall. After she had calmed down and we were ready to talk to her, everyone told her how they felt. So I told her how I felt. That I was tired of her crap and that its extremely hard to be around her. She claimed that she doesn't believe in herself, that she couldn't get any better. We all know that that's a lie. She has in the past gotten so much better. I told her that I feel that lately she doesn't care, that she doesn't want to stop doing what she's doing. She doesn't put any effort into getting better. Mom said that she is going to put her into a hospital for a while. The kind that my brother is in. Over that period of time I think that everything at home will calm down and everthing will be better. It will be a postive thing for both my family and her. It gives her time to be away from us, what she has been chanting she wants, and giving us the space we all need.


  1. Oh my, D.R.A.M.A.... I'm glad the fight didn't get too serious. Do you think girls cause more trouble than guys with drama?

    Does your child development class also have those "empathy belts?" Those are these vests you can wear with a pregnant belly and weights in it. It is to make it feel like you are pregnant with a 7lb baby. You should ask your teacher, because schools are sometimes able to rent them. My husband tried one on (I was able to borrow one from a school I worked at). It was at my baby shower. He wore it for about ten minutes, then started complaining! It was pretty funny, he couldn't handle it. Wimp! ;)

    I'm sorry your sister ruined the party, but it sounds like she's about to get more help with her problems?? I hope it brings all of you some healing and peace.

    How much longer, til you go back to the ENT doc?

    Take care! Peace...

  2. Yes I do believe that.

    I'm not sure if we do or not, but I will ask because that sounds pretty cool too. I guess its a good thing that men don't get pregnant because there would be too much complaining. Lol

    I will be going back to the ENT doc this coming up Tuesday I believe. And I do not think the steroids helped because I still hear the ringing and it is still hard to understand what people are saying sometimes.

  3. You are an amazing 15 year old. Your maturity is impressive. I enjoy your writing.