Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So as I told you guys the other day .. I've been sick for a while . Yesterday my mom and I decided that maybe the best thing for me at the moment is to become home bound . I'm weak , and I'm also very exhausted . Being sick is taking a lot from me . I feel like I can't live life normally ... I feel like at times I'm having the high feelings you would get from medicines. But the medicine I am taking now usually doesn't make me feel high . I'm on ibuprofen and some decongestant . I went to the doctor today for the paperwork for home bound and for them to take some blood work . I have an appointment for those results Wednesday . The people for the CT scan called today . I have an appointment with them on Monday I believe . I honestly cannot wait to be told what ever is going on ... I honestly just want to feel better . It would be nice to not be sick for a change . 

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