Tuesday, September 27, 2011

High School Drama

Okay so this is my first year in high school. Freshman year. So far it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I thought there were going to tuns of people fighting and that I would be surround in other peoples drama like usual. But I'm surprised, I'm not. Everything is  going smooth right now. I have enjoyed the first two months of it. Right now it's kind of annoying because the only thing that everyone is talking about it homecoming. Who everyone is going with, what the dresses look like. I'm asked all the time if I'm going and my answer is no. I was asked by this really nice guy if I would go with him but I told him that I was not going. 

I have missed a couple days of school due to illness or the trip to the ear doctor, and I have missed many test. I am trying to make them all up. Tomorrow during lunch I have to go take a lit. test. We all know that's how I want to spend my one hour of free time right? I also have to make up some stuff from biology other than those two classes I think I got everything. 

So for lunch we have an hour to eat, although it only takes me 5 minutes to eat. I sit outside with my "crew." I wouldn't say I'm popular and I certainly wouldn't say that I'm a loner. For the last two months our "crew" has gotten bigger. Which is an awesome thing. I love the people I am surrounded by. They actually listen to what I say instead of talking over me and wanting everything to go their way. There is this one guy that sits with me everyday that I absolutely love. He is the BEST gay friend a girl can ask for. He is honestly the only one I truly trust in my "crew." I tell him just about everything on my mind. And he does the same with me. 

So there is this guy they call Jesus that hangout with us at lunch. I have never personally talked to him until today, but I think that will change soon. I said one word to him today in 5th period (so the class after lunch) and that word was "yeah." I was walking to the restroom and he was walking down the hallway in my direction and he had this hat on that had the long tail on the back like a raccoons tail or something (which he did not have on at lunch) so of course I burst out laughing. As we got closer he had asked me if I was laughing at his hat and I told him the truth. Lol. It was totally funny. 

So I guess we shall see how everything goes. I look forward to posting new post (: I hope everyone that is reading this can't wait for new blogs either. 

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